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Someone tell me why did you have to go and leave my world so cold.
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All alone wishing on stars, waiting for you to find me. One sweet night I knew I would see a stranger who'd be my friend. Promise me we'll always be walking the world together, hand in hand where dreams never end, my star secret friend and me. When someone in the dark reaches out to you and touches off a spark that comes shining through, It tells you never be afraid. Then somewhere in your heart you can feel the glow, a light to keep you warm when the night winds blow, look for the rainbow in the sky. I believe you and I could never really say goodbye. Wherever you may be, I'll look up and see someone in the dark for me. Though you're gone star far away, each time I see a rainbow I'll remember being with you, smiles coming through my tears. I Love You, Mike. L.O.V.E
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"Don’t touch my fans!"

- Michael Jackson


Someone tell me why did Michael suffered that much, it’s not fair. Michael would never hurt any children. Michael loved children, Michael made songs for children. And about his skin disorder.. He did not deserve that. Michael was a proud black american. Michael born black and died black, that’s it. He was not racist. Some people can obviously not differentiate having a skin disorder to be racist and it gets me on my nerves. I want Michael back, I want Michael back to heal the world. I want to see his smile at least one more time, I wanna hug him and tell him how much I love him. I want him to come back and I want to tell him he’s not alone. I don’t know boy, I just miss this man like hell. And it’s been almost five years and it hurts, a lot. This world clearly did not deserved Michael.

I like songs with emotions and a message, and a sense of immortality. I like there to be some depth in the lyrics as well as a melodic simpleness that the whole world can sing them. That was my goal to capture that on those songs and I think I came pretty close wherever we went on a tour, people just loved them, I was pleased to have done that. [About HIStory] It’s about people looking at their lives, and taking any seconds of their well being and making something of yourself - creating a legacy so you can look back and look at what you have done. I always wanted that.

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